Gold Coast Holidays

Gold Coast holidays offer an array of activities for those looking for adventure and a beautiful place to relax. While the Gold Coast may well be known as a paradise for surfers, there are actually many other activities to enjoy when visiting the Gold Coast. One of the most popular reasons for visiting the Gold Coast is the six theme parks located in the vicinity. Whether you are visiting with your children or you are simply young at heart, you will find plenty to enjoy. Into golfing? The golf courses located along the Gold Coast are considered to be excellent. No matter whether you are a novice or a semi-pro, you will be sure to enjoy these courses.

There are also many other spectacular attractions situated along the beautiful Gold Coast, including guided tours of the Numinbah Valley on quad bikes. This is an excellent way to see one of the most beautiful local attractions. For those holiday visitors who enjoy nature, whale watching in the Gold Coast should certainly be at the top of your list. You will also find there to be many kayak and dolphin tours from qualified and experienced instructors who will provide you with the opportunity to view native dolphins, stingrays and birds up close.

Want to get a bird’s eye view of the Gold Coast? Why not consider taking a hot air balloon ride. You will be certain to be amazed at the astounding views. Enjoy fishing? Why not try your hand at deep sea fishing? The offshore fishing charters operating along the Gold Coast are known for making their chartered fishing trips an exceptional experience. Not only will you get the chance to reel in the big catch, but your trip will also usually include lunch as well as drinks. Many tour operators also offer guided tours of the Gold Coast Broadwater that include morning tea and lunch served right on board.

While there is an array of activities to enjoy during your Gold Coast holiday, one sight that should not be missed is the rainforest. Taking an eco-tour will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime and provide you with the unique opportunity to better understand this local feature.

As you can see, a Gold Coast holiday offers innumerable opportunities for enjoying the best this part of Australia has to offer, while taking advantage of holiday that is certain to be unforgettable.